Salient Features of the book - REFUND IN SERVICE TAX

Authored by CA. Ashok Batra (Seniormost Partner of the firm)

  • Inclusion of comprehensive examples for the purpose of appropriately understanding the statutory provisions related to refund.
  • Insertion of many comparative tables with a view to bring out the subtle differences between two or more Rules/Notifications etc.
  • Inclusion of large number of relevant & decided cases of the Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals etc with a view to bring greater clarity of concerned topic.
  • Induction of many tables with a view to make the subject matter quite interesting.
  • Inclusion of 'Introduction' and 'Concluding Remarks' in each of the six chapters.
  • Inclusion of the relevant format of Form(s) in which application for refund is to be made.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on each of the seven chapters.
  • Inclusion of 16 Appendices in the beginning of book in respect of frequently needed information and Forms.


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